By staying at Forrester Court on Norfolk Island you are making a commitment to the environment.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability, and programmes

Forrester Court continues to be a leader in environmental sustainability in Tourist accommodation. Our newly formed driveways from reconstituted Silica became possibly the world’s first and obviously embraces a genuine commitment to envirnomental sustainability. Brad ( with assistance by Andre and Scott) used his substantial expertise to streamline and install a 100% recyclable driveway made from products sorted from (substantially) the Norfolk Island Waste Management Centre, and utilising a bottle crusher that was encouraged by Forrester Court to be purchased by the Norfolk Island Administration to assist generally in the island’s environmental sustainability. We are not aware of any similar initiative worldwide incorporating glass waste products embracing a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Forrester Court has already participated as a speaker in a number of conferences held on Norfolk Island showcasing environmental sustainability, conducted by Sydney University and EcoNorfolk. Participants in these conferences have come from over 30 countries around the world (from a number of islands in Micronesia, Nauru, Samoa, Cook Islands, Tonga and other locations) to learn of Forrester Court efforts in implementing ESD principles.

The waste systems for the cottages are 100% environmental incorporating anaerobic and aerobic chambers to produce water that is directed onto trees throughout the property, using no chemicals whatsoever.



  • All water used in cottages is collected from roofs off all buildings.
  • We have a total water capacity of 100,000 gallons.
  • Water is stored in tanks under cottages and flow is transferable from one tankjto other as required.
  • Toilets have water saving options.
  • Showers and taps have flow restrictors.
  • Approx. water use per guest is 100 litres per guest /night.


  • Hot Water is produced using solar panels, substantially reducing footprint by avoiding any carbon emission.


  • Is only used for cooking and small heating units in lLiving area which restricts excessive use.
  • Cottages incorporate solar passive design by site position, heating/cooling costs are therefore minimised.


  • We have eliminated all plastic bottles for toiletries and replaced them with refillable, pump-action dispensers.
  • These dispensers will hopefully never see landfill and shampoo, conditioner use is biodegradable.


  • Waste is seperated by Paper, Organice(vegetable), Plastic, Glass and general. Landfill is limited to 3.9 litres per guest, per night and we use bio-degradable bin-liners. Organic (vegetable)waste is composted onsite and does not go to landfill.
  • All soap and detergents used for cleaning or provided for guest use is biodegradable.


  • Our library encourages reuse of books. Wireless internet coverage in all cottages allows for downloading of e-books.

GUEST Involvement

  • Guest involvement is welcome, yet not nessary as most systems and initiatives are designed to work automatically without any effort from our guests therefore to a point be unnoticeable.
  • Kitchens are provided with dual – waste bins – Our guests are encouraged to help seperate their waste into recyclable and gerneral waste.
  • Guests are given an option not to have their toweling & linen changed daily.

Forrester Court Team

  • All enviromental initatives are team efforts, implemented by Forrester Court and supported by everyone on the staff.