Our story

Robert Forrester, a convict was transported to Australia on the Scarborough, as part of the First Fleet, and arrived at Port Jackson on the 26th January 1788.

John Forrester, born 21st April 1926 was a fifth generation descendant of Robert, who married Joyce Court on the 21st April 1951 . Forrester Court is a combination of their two surnames. They had three sons Paul, Greg and Brad.

The family holidayed on Norfolk Island in 1971, and enjoyed the beauty of Norfolk lifestyle. Further research by Joyce on Robert Forrester’s arrival here in 1791 continued.

Returning to Norfolk Island in 1983, we looked at 30 properties that were available for purchase on the 20th July 1983, finally buying the 12 acres known as Lot 1d Matsland, named after the grant to Mathew Quintal in 1859.

With a vision of what could be achieved, we renamed the property Forrester Court Norfolk Island and commenced the upgrade of the site as it was heavily wooded with Tobacco Weed, Guavas and undergrowth, in addition to the hundreds of majestic trees waiting to be revealed. It was impossible to walk to the cliff without first hacking a path through the dense undergrowth. The magnificent view you see today proves that it was worth the effort.

We purchased the property to further the family interest in Robert’s land grant of 12 acres on the Island that may well have been our 12 acres. Wanting to provide a retreat for our own and the extended family, we, with our sons agreed that this property should be retained as family heritage to enable future generations to continue the historical link back to Robert in 1791 when he first set foot on Norfolk Island.

We started the building program and Brad purchased all materials, packed and shipped them to Norfolk Island, supervised as well as physically providing his skills as a builder in every building that is on the property. Brad has a strong attachment to the island through his long term involvement with FCNI. Brad, entrusted with the continuance of this property, will make his decision as to his successor just as we have with Brad. The family heritage is in good hands.

When my wife Joyce died of cancer in 1996, she left a void impossible to fill. Shortly after, my son Brad spent much time looking after me on Norfolk Island as my health was poor due to the severe side effects of radiation for Cancer. We recognised the high cost of continuing maintenance of the property and decided to add a further cottage to make the property self supporting. The Cliff Top Cottage was previously known as the bed room wing and the Gazebo is named so as it occupies the site of the previous Gazebo, Strathlands, taking the name of Joyce’s parents home.

Brads wife Ariane and their son AndrĂ©, have now moved to Norfolk Island and both Brad and Ariane look forward to welcoming guests to Forrester Court Norfolk Island – FCNI.